Treatments from Top to Tail Dog Grooming  

Maintenance Grooms  

Bath & Brush 

This treatment includes 100% natural shampoo and conditioner, as well as a bath, blow-dry, a full body brush, ear cleansing and nail trimming. 
£20 for a small dog 
£30 for a medium dog 
£40 for a large dog 
£45 for a giant dog 

Full Groom 

This treatment includes a bath with our 100% natural shampoo & conditioner, followed by a professional blow-dry, and breeds standard styling cut, as well as Hygiene trim paw & ear tidy, and nail trimming. 
£30 for a small dog 
£40 for a medium dog 
£50 for a large dog 
£60 for a giant dog 

Puppy Introduction  

I would love to meet your puppy! This treatment is FREE of charge and is solely for your puppy to familiarize themselves with the surrounding of the salon before their first ever full groom. I will slowly introduce myself to your puppy, by petting, cuddling and playing with them. They will gently be introduced to some of the tools e.g. the driers & clippers, this is called de-sensitising. The benefits of the puppy intro will encourage your puppy to relax within the grooming environment, ready for all future appointments. 

Puppy Groom 

This treatment will include a bath & brush, face trim, hygiene trim, pad trim. 
£20 for all size puppies 

Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning  

Emmi-pet is a dental care system that we use to clean your dogs teeth without anaesthetic. It is gentle, soundless and motionless so it will not upset your pet. 
Removes tartar and stains 
Treats and prevents inflamed gums, periodontitis, plaque and tartar build up, bad breath, ulcers and loss of teeth. 
It makes no sound, it does not vibrate, and is completely safe. 
Gently cleans even the smallest spaces and gum pockets, removing all plaque and bacteria up to 12mm deep inside the gums. 
No friction or abrasion. 
From £15 

Hand Stripping  

Includes full Handstrip on your dog, a soothing bath, Nail Clip, Ear Clean and Hydrating butter. 
Prices start from £10 on top of Full Groom price. 
Cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment will incur 100% fee charge. 
Small dog:  
example: Shiatzu, Pomeranian, Bichon Frise etc. 
Medium dog:  
example: Miniature schnauzer, Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, French bulldogs, Cocker spaniel etc. 
Large dog:  
Example: German shepherd, Bedlington terrier, Bearded collie, Alaskan malamute, Border collie etc 
Giant dog:  
Example: Great Dane, Newfoundland, St Bernard etc. 


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